Monday, August 04, 2008

Ta-da, Shawn waved his magic wand

Do you hear the magic song singing, "oh sweet joy, the doors are finally hung?" Yes, my friends. Magic has been performed ... and it was only a two month trick. I left Saturday morning to spend time in hell (well, it was really Canton ... but the temperature outside was 106 so I was confused) and I came home to this:

Isn't it a beautiful sight when compared to before? I think we can all agree that the answer is obvious. Shawn worked hard all day long to complete this trick. That's one more step to finally getting this house whipped into shape. Next big project is the playroom. I would post a picture, but it would probably scare you too much.

In kidlet news ... Truett is getting so close to walking. He can do it ... but he's afraid to let go. Honestly, I'm amazed that kids walk at all since it can hurt so much to learn how to do it. Guess that's another plus of diapers. Padding is a good thing in this case.

Mallory spent the week at her Mimi and Papa's house last week. I don't think there is any question that she had a good time. You'd have a good time too if someone gave in to your every whim and craving. However, this week dawns a new world in our household. I have implemented the Chore Chart. Yes ... she has to make her bed, brush her teeth, pick up her toys. At the end of the week she'll get a toy as long as ALL her chores have been completed and she's had a good disposition. The good news is that Mommy and Daddy decide about the disposition thing. She'll catch on soon enough ... but for now we have our evil laugh when she goes to sleep.

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American Mommy in Mexico said...

Yeah - it feels so good when those house chores get done!

Stay consistent on the Chore Chart - that is the trick!

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