Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics-induced coma

I've been negligent of my blog this last week. And I have a good excuse. I am in an Olympics-induced coma. Man am I addicted this year. To the point where I stay up every night until midnight or later watching what is going to happen. I am not getting anything done at home or at work because I am just so exhausted (not only by staying up so late, but don't you find it's hard to watch someone expend so much energy?!).

Yeah ... I watch the events you would consider typical Olympic fare:

But who knew I would spend countless, mindless hours watching:

I was a little upset the other day when I couldn't watch the equestrian competition (well, we did have to have clean clothes to wear). Luckily, the disappointment didn't last too long. I did finish in time to watch the rowing competition. BTW ... I found out a few things this year about the Olympics. Did you know that PING PONG is an Olympic sport? Who knew? All this time I could have been in training with the Olympic team!

Well, the good news for me is that we have date night tonight. So, that's one step towards breaking my addiction. Even better, there's only a week of late nights left and then I can resume my normal schedule. Until then, don't ask me what's going on in the real world. I can only talk Olympics.

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