Thursday, August 07, 2008


This evening after dinner, Mallie decided to hop into my lap. I of course cannot keep my hands off her because she's just so darn cute and started tickling her. What transpired next was ... well, I just have to put it down to remember it.

Mallory: giggle, giggle, giggle
Mommy: I'm going to get you silly girl!
Mallory: quit spidering me, mommy!
Mommy: spidering you?
Mallory: yes (wiggling her fingers on her side)
Mommy: (the light bulb finally comes on) oh ... okay. i'm going to spider you!

So, apparently "tickling" has become "spidering." Well, it does kind of make sense when you watch what your wiggling fingers during said session. Watch out ... I'm going to spider you!

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