Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What do I do with this?

I was perusing my local Craigslist the other day. Perusing probably isn't the right word. Stalking would be better. I have a ritual every time I log on (which is about five million times a day) . I have my search down to a science and it always goes in this order:
  1. Bunk beds (yes, I was thinking I could find something cheaper than the pics I posted previously).
  2. Rug. I need a rug for my office. My feet hurt on the wood floors all the time (I could be losing the fat on the bottom of my feet though. Can that happen?!).
  3. Toile. I once saw a toile loveseat on there that I was literally salivating over. But it was white and a light brown. And I have two kids. Yeah, I can dream though.
  4. Pottery Barn. I like a lot of their stuff. But I refuse to pay full price.
So, anyway, to get back on topic. I strayed from from list on Monday and found myself looking at the furniture section. And then I found this (not the dog, but he does match, doesn't he?) :

My heart fluttered and I thought to myself, "I must have this." When I sent the pic to M'Dondo she told me I was crazy. It might be haunted. I think it would have haunted my dreams if I didn't bring it home. It really needed to be adopted.

But, the big question is ... now that I have it, where do I put the darn thing? It's so lonely sitting in the dining room. I wish it would talk to me, but I think it is pouting from having to leave it's home. It is from the 40s and has only had two owners -- a mother and daughter.

Usually I look for furniture when I know what to do with it. This was just a pure emotional purchase. I've wanted one for a long time since my aunts (Brenda and Linda) have my grandmother's secretary at their house. I've always loved it (but theirs is much less ornate than this one).

Good or bad, I seem to have created another design challenge for myself.

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