Friday, August 08, 2008

Mr Telephone Man

Mr Telephone Man ... there's something wrong with my line ... when I dial my baby's number ... I get a click every time.

I've been singing that New Edition song all day because of an upgrade in phone equipment here at work. Who knew it would take so little to make me happy?! Well, it's quite a simple story as to why actually ... at my old job, we had just moved into a new building with all new state-of-the-art equipment. Then, I decided to come here. All the equipment worked, but everything was (well, is) really old so in a way I was moving back down the ladder. But not anymore, baby! Take a look at my before and after.

Old phone. If you're familiar with these types of phones and you stare at this long enough, you'll see that the only way to mute yourself is if you are on speaker phone. This made it quite fun to be on extended conference calls (until I got an office with a door anyway).

New phone. Yes, I have made quite a step up in the phone world. Isn't it pretty?

By now you are thinking, "what a wacko." Maybe so ... but I have a new phone and you don't! It think it's time for me to go home now.

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