Saturday, August 23, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Mallory is growing up. A little each day, as much as I hate to admit it. I'm not sure why, but I got it into my head that since she is getting bigger she needs "big girl beds." Aka bunk beds. Shawn just shakes his head at me when we discuss this because really, she doesn't need them. Her little twin with a trundle works perfectly fine. Maybe this is just me trying to get something I always wanted as a child?! So of course, I am determined to get them. She must have them!

Now comes the true test of my decision making skills ... which set to get. Who knew there were SO MANY bunk beds out there? Not only do you have to choose the bed, but then you have to choose finish, mattress and bedding. Oy vey! I have it narrowed down to these three sets. Which do you like (and don't forget to tell me why)? They come in all different colors too ...

My Haven

Ma Marie

Cottage Chic

The question is ... do I buy a set that can be handed down to Truett or do I get something that is girly and fabulous?!


Boysgirl said...


You mentioned wanting it because you always wanted one. Well I think if I were Mallory knowing I got my big girl bed and then it has to go to Truett I may have animosity just as you do for not ever having one. OK, I am rambling. Let me say that I like the last one for a number of reasons (One not being the color). First, the bottom bunk appears to be a double bed which would be nice for when Mallory gets sad or scared (or god-for-bid sick) you can lay with her in a pinch until she wisps off to sleep. Second, reason is because if by some chance you do give them to Truett they appear to be the most unisex out of the group. I do like the one with the extra storage (Picture two) but I am leaning toward the last one. However in the end I agree most with "girly and fabulous".

From Jennifer (A.K.A. Blondie from the Klein Oak Colorguard).

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Like 1 best for looks
Like 2 for storage
Like 3 for double bed on bottom and unisex flexibility

I choose #3

My boys share bunk beds (when living in US) and we got at Costco of all places. I love them and so do they.

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