Friday, May 18, 2007

Long time no blog

Well, life has been crazy. No excuses for not blogging besides being sick and tired. Here's a run down of what's happened.

1. Our house sold the first of November 2006. Yes, we were all surprised.
2. We had to RUSH to find a new one. Yes, we were tired but we made an offer on our new house just before Thanksgiving 2006.
3. We had holidays. Thanksgiving was in Gilmer, all while trying to negotiate a deal on the house!
4. We moved to a hotel for 10 days while we were waiting for the houses to close. I can safely say that I will be put in a mental institution before I will do that again.
5. We moved into this house 10 days before Christmas. MESS!
6. Pregnant. Need I say more?

There have been so many things that I've missed writing about. So, my pledge to myself is to try to remember to pick this back up and keep track of everything that's going on. No promises though! The baby is scheduled for indiction on June 5 ... two very LONG weeks away. Until then I think I can keep up. After that all bets are off. :)
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