Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Is it still Friday the 13th?

Last week we had a "Friday the 13th" day. It was actually a pretty good day ... and then the weekend came. So, I've heard of Saturday the 14th and it seemed to happen to me. I was sick as a dog all weekend. All I did was lay in bed and play on the computer.

So, my Friday the 13th/Saturday the 14th continues because not only was I sick all weekend, and have been driving crazy with work all week, but I managed to have a car wreck today. Yep, the first one in 9 (LONG) years. I'm okay ... which is what counts but I do feel terrible about the car and having to go through this whole process. I'm just hoping that it's painless.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

"Poopy, Poopy"

I've been dreading potty training since the day Mallie popped out two years ago. I'll admit that I haven't read any parenting books. I'm treating this just like everything else I've done when it's come to parenthood ... I'm going with the flow. That said, I'm feeling like we're floundering here.

The last few weeks Mallie has been interested in the potty. We got her a potty insert and her own little potty seat ... cause you never know what makes a girl comfortable! Still no success, but we're working on it.

Over the course of the last week, she's figured out how to take her diaper off. Yep ... my girl likes to run free in the wind. Hasn't been too much of a problem until today. Mommy was having a pea-green moment and decided to take a bath and Daddy was in the bedroom watching tv. Neither one of us was paying too close attention to her. All of the sudden I smelled the tell-tale signs of an "accident." Yes, Mallory had barricaded herself into the laundry chute and pooped in there. I guess a girl needs her privacy.

I'm the luckiest girl alive

So not only do I have a loving family, another baby on the way, the most fabulous job, a roof over my head ... and the list goes on ... I've also been saddled with the dreaded morning sickness. Crazy you say? How does that make me lucky? Well, not lucky to have the morning sickness but blessed that I have the best husband in the world. He's picking up the slack and taking care of me and Mallory during all my pea-green moments.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Surprise!'s still a secret. EDD 6/10/2007

More pictures to come

While on the ship they had professional photographers shadowing us to capture our every move. We bought a ton of photos (yes, I'm now broke) but they were so worth it. Now if I would just get off my a$$ and scan them in for the rest of the world to ooohhh and ahhh over.

Dream vacation (why did it end?!)

We loved every moment of the cruise. In fact, on day one we were telling ourselves that we needed to go up to the loyalty ambassador's office and re-book immediately! I didn't know what to expect so I did not have any ideas of what it would be like -- probably what made the trip enjoyable. The whole experience was so insanely relaxing and I loved the thought of knowing that not even work could get ahold of me if I didn't really want them to. It was all up to me to make contact with the outside world. Nothing like being in the middle of the sea to really disengage.

The room was bigger than I thought it would be. At 154 sq ft I was expecting postage stamp. We got a closet. :) There was a couch, two beds pushed together and Mallory's pack n play. There was plenty of room for Mallie to run around.

The food was a little disappointing ... still good just not as fabulous as I would have hoped. On the other hand, it didn't stop us too much since we ate 4 times a day and utilized room service quite often.
Each of the destinations had it's own surprises. Key West wasn't quite as fun as I thought. But, Grand Cayman was more exciting that I could have ever imagined and Cozumel was more beautiful than I'd heard.

There are so many things I could write ... but I'll just be content to carry the memories in my heart.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bon Voyage!

It's finally here ... the day we've been preparing for, waiting for over 4 months. We get on the cruise today! Update more when I get back.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let the countdown begin

So the cruise is just a week away. We're counting down the days ... and there is so much to do and so little time. Unfortunately, I'll be so ready for the vacation. Who knew you needed like 30 pieces of luggage, a variety of this and thats just to get on a seven day cruise? Of course, all this has had to be purchased from multiple stores ... so I'm tired of running.

We're almost ready. The middle bedroom is our "staging" area and is full of all the paraphenalia we think we'll need. Now I'm off to take my friend Tracy's advice ... put everything you think you'll need out for review and then put half of it away and pack the rest. Pretty good advice if you ask me!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Goodbye Sweetheart

Your paw prints will forever be in our hearts.

July 1994 - September 13, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

It still hurts

Five years ago today our world changed. Within the span of one hour on September 11, 2001, the comfort and security I had felt my entire life was ripped away. I thought over time that the wounds would heal. And, they do as I go about the normal routine of my life. But each anniversay of 9/11, I find myself in tears remembering all the senseless loss -- of people, of families, of hope, of peace, of security and so much more.

We will forever remember this day. Never forget. Say goodnight, not goodbye.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Maybe it's time

Mommy's not quite ready for potty training, but maybe Mallory is judging by this behavior.

Massive Meltdown

I know they call them the terrible twos for a reason ... but we haven't got there yet so I thought I was still relatively safe. My dreams of a missive toddler came crashing to the ground this week, must like the last drop of a melting ice cream cone falling to the ground. This is a summary of what my little Miss Moo has started doing:

1. Responding to all questions with a resounding, "No."
2. When mommy or daddy asks her to do something, she gives a mischievous little smile and runs. Often accompanied by behavoir in #1.
3. Running away from us in stores, causing mommy to abandon the basket with identification, etc. in search if the escaped convict.
4. When aforementioned convict is caught, the ensuing drama includes yelling, screaming and throwing oneself on the ground while thrashing about.

I actually had to exit a store today for the first time due to behavior #3 and #4. What happened to my cute little baby who just laid there?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What was I thinking?

Mallory has inherited her mommy's love of whipped cream. Yes, I will admit that I taught her this. Like mother, like daughter comes to mind.

What Daddy does best

This was taken at a family reunion. I had to do a double take before I finally figured out why it looked funny. Yes, I have a dorky husband. Thank God I love him.

Just plain tired

I'm not feeling witty these days. Why you ask? Well, I've been trying to figure that out myself. Here are a few things that have crossed my mind:

1. I have a toddler. Although I love her to death, she is SSSOOOO trying these days. I'm beginning to regret that she has mommy's personality.
2. I have a toddler (at work). Okay, it may sound funny to compare work to a toddler, but it's so darn similar. You are dealing with clients who always want their way when sometimes it's just not a good idea.
3. I have a toddler (they just look like dogs). I'm not sure what has taken posession of my dogs these days but they are driving me crazy. I'm trying to keep the house clean since it's on the market and these two are trying to bring in every spec of dirt and rock in the back yard.

Okay, if all that isn't enough, we're dealing with the heat. Damn it's hot. I've been to the doctor to check on my thyroid issue, and sure enough it's going UP, UP, UP and AWAY. So, hopefully next week I'll get my prescription and get back on track. I hate feeling out-of-sorts.

Who knew this was going to be a whine?

A Voracious Vocabulary

Mallie has an impressive vocabulary these days. Yes, I can say that because I'm her parent and I'm allowed to brag. It's just amazing to be talking to her and all of the sudden she responds back with a word we've never heard her say before. Here's a quick list of what she says on a regular basis:

What's that?

There are many more, but mommy is too exhausted from all the bragging to continue.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I'm learning every day

I had lunch with Tracy on Saturday. We had a wonderful time and had talked non-stop for three hours before we realized it (whoops!). It was nice to go out with her without Mallory. I felt like a real adult and all!

During the course of the conversation we talked about some work-related issues that continue to give me a heavy heart. But, there's not a lot I can do to change some of the issues. And, even if I could, I'm not convinced that I should.

I think I'm just having growing pains.

Moving on up

Disclaimer: the contents of this post are not yet official. :)

So...was called into Reggie's office Friday afternoon and was told that he's promoting me to senior consultant. WOW! I'm not sure exactly what that means yet ... he wanted to get the paperwork in and get it all approved before talking details.

Not sure I'm ready for this. The critic in me says no, but everyone else is saying yes.

Calgon, take me away's been a busy week. Just a snapshot of some things going on:

1. We did decide to put the house on the market.
2. When you put your house on the market, there is lots of stuff to do.
3. Yes, you have to clean your closets when you put your house on the market.
4. The house really does need to be clean when you put it on your market.
5. It's really hard to get a clean house when you have a 20mo (and a 30yo).

Did I mention that we're putting the house on the market?! Well, as you can tell I feel as if much of my time has been consumed by this step. But, it really hasn't. Just seems as if it's looming before us.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Shawn and I just seem to keep walking in circles when it comes to the house. Why does the same idea just keep circling back around? We're once again thinking about putting the house on the market. Here are just a few of the reasons we're coming full circle:

1. Commute. I have a 45 min drive each way. That's an hour and a half a day that I miss out on time with Miss Moo. 7.5 hrs a week. Think of what I could do with that time. The only problem with gaining these extra hours is that I would have no excuse to NOT cook dinner (or have Shawn cook it!).
2. Play space. We are being over run with Mallie's toys. No, she really doesn't have a ton of toys, it's just that I want my own "adult only" area where I don't have garish primary colors staring out at me and where I don't have to stub my toe on a mislaid block, car, __________ (insert wayward toy here).
3. Stuff. I'll admit it with my head held high: we're collectors. Okay, let me first admit that while I do collect it's really Shawn that has the problem. You should see the crap he brings in (and what he talks me into keeping) because we "might need it one day." I've finally come to the conculsion that most things can be replaced in the event we might "need it one day."

So, the realtor came over today and talked about prices in the neighborhood, etc. It's not a good story right now and we have a lot to think about. In the meantime, know anyone who wants to buy a house in the DFW area?

Where did this obsession come from?

Mallory is obsessed with shoes. And I don't say this jokingly, it really is an obsession that needs to be monitored because if left unchecked Mommy and Daddy's checkbook could take some serious hits.

Every time you turn around I hear Mallie say "ooeesss."

You that I think back, I think Jill may have something to do with this. I'm gonna have to have a lllooonnnggg talk with her.

Becoming a big girl

So, a few Saturdays ago it happened. I wasn't expecting it AT ALL, but time has a way of sneaking up on you. What is it you say? Well, Mallory walked into her room all the while muttering "night, night". What happened next is what amazed me. She climbed into her big girl bed. The crib just wouldn't do ... when I tried to lay her in it you would have thought she was in the Fifth Ward and was too scared to stay there by herself. So, the big girl bed it was.

I ran out and bought one of those toddler rail things (oy vey it's ugly!). But, if it will keep my baby from rolling off the side of her bed like a pebble rolling down a hill I guess I'll take it.

It's been a few weeks of the big girl bed and it's going great. Guess this is just like everything else Mallie does ... she does it on her own terms. It's a sigh of relief that I didn't have to do the transition myself, but boy am I in for surprises over the next few years.

Now, if she could only take this attitude about potty training.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

That girl has a green thumb!

We had some friends over this weekend and I guess we got distracted. Next thing you know I hear our friend Adam say, "ahhh...I think someone has been doing some gardening." You can see what we found. Still not sure if the culprit was Mallory or Christopher (Adam's son) but my bet's on Miss Moo.

A banner, bittersweet day

My little girl is growing up too fast. Seems like yesterday she was gooing and gaaing at me and the next thing you know she's decided that she was going to sleep in her big girl bed. Where does the time go? This weekend was the first foray into the big girl world. So far we're having very sweet dreams during naptime on the big girl bed ... but night time has yet to be tried!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Two down, how many more to go?

It's been a tough month here at work. Why? We've lost two people out of our practice, both of whom are very close friends. I don't want to feel like their leaving is a betrayal, but honestly it's hard not to. I keep telling myself, as I have done many times before, it's just business. But, we all know it's not always just about the business. It's about the people.

Most of us just manage to muddle through our jobs on a daily basis. Honestly, how many people can say they really love what they do? Not too many. The only reason we typically stay in a job is because of the people. Now, I have to start all over with a new set of "people." I am not one for change these days and I'm being forced into it. Maybe change is good for those who left, but what happens to those you leave behind?

Round and round she goes

One of Mallie's new favorite pasttimes is twirling. Luckily she gets dizzy pretty fast so the circling doesn't last too long. But, it is funny to see her throw her arms out to the side and tilt her head back. Then, as she starts turning she just giggles and giggles. It's one of the best sights in the world!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sail Away, Sail Away

I hear strains of Enya in my head when I think of sailing away. Maybe it's that darn song that was so popular many moons ago. Do you remember it?! Anyway, back to my point here. We scheduled our first family vacation that doesn't involve visiting other members of the family. We're moving up in the world!

September 24 through October 1 Shawn, Mallory and myself will be sailing the Seven Seas (hey...that's an OMD song) with our friends Melody, Adam and their little boy Christopher. So maybe Seven Seas is exaggerating. We'll be soaking up the sun in the Western Caribbean on Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Our ship is the Rhapsody of the Seas.

We're all very excited. Okay, just mommy and daddy are excited. Mallory doesn't know what's hit her yet!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lovey Talley

It's been a bitter election season and it shows no end in sight. A dark horse candidate has emerged onto the scene. Apparently Lambie has been bad talking Dollie because she's made no headway in the polls.

Here's the current score:

Lambie: 9
Blankey: 10
Dollie: 4
Monkey: 0

The Biter is Back

Daycare has politely informed us that Mallory has taken up (again) the sport of torturing fellow toddlers by biting them.

-- The good news: all the toddlers in the room are doing it because those darn teeth. That means the reputation is still intact.
-- The bad news: how do I stop it?!

I blame it all on that little boy. I'll call him "B" to protect his identity. Yep, he started the biting trend and the others have just jumped on the bandwagon. You know that famous line uttered by all mothers: "if so and so jumped off a bridge would you too?" Well, apparently in this case the answer is yes.

How many teeth can one girl have?

Teeth seem to be a recurring theme in this blog. The basic point: I wish they would just come in already. Seriously, I am so tired of the whining, crying and clinginess. On the other hand, I feel so sorry for her. She's got four coming in at one time. Gotta hurt.

So, what is prompting this post tonight? Well, it's 10p and we've had to listen to Mallory cry for two hours while we've been trying to get her to go to sleep. The motrin hasn't worked. The rocking hasn't worked. The quiet dark room hasn't worked. What else can I try? (maybe a little whiskey?! just kidding).

To top it all off the AC broke today. Yes, it's hot and humid and we'll all sitting here sweating. It's uncomfortable to say the least. Know when the air conditioner people are getting here? Friday. Yep, 48 whole hours from now. As I told someone earlier...just stick a fork in my eye and get it over with already.

It's been a long day for all of us and it's only just the beginning.

UPDATE: What is that sweet sound I hear? SILENCE! This last time took about 15 mins of crying before she finally gave out for the night (okay, that's my wishful thinking). Cross your fingers for me.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My house is a zoo

Since my last post was about the zoo, I started thinking. Hey, we don't need to go to the zoo to see animals...I've got a few of my own. Just look at my cute little giraffe and bunny!

Zoo no more

I admit it: I am a HUGE Baylor Bear alumni. Love me some Bears. So when an email announcing Diadeloso in Dallas appeared in my inbox one day you couldn't contain my excitement. Diadeloso = day of the bear. On campus, students get the day off of classes and the school provides lunch and fun activities like rock climbing walls, concerts, hypnotists, etc. Hey, anything to avoid class, right? So Baylor has started Diadeloso Dallas and it was going to be at the Dallas Zoo.

My first thought: kill two birds with one stone. Reconnect with Baylor and take Mallory to the zoo for the first time. Win win, right? I didn't need to look at the monkeys cause I had one in my stroller. We're not quite ready for the zoo just yet.

Summer days

The weather has been beautiful the last few weeks so we've been spending many evenings outdoors. It's fun for mommy and daddy to hang out and BS with the neighbors. Mallory absolutely loves to be outside and explore for different reasons. I'm not sure if it's the idea of freedom or if it's because outdoors is a new, fascinating world.

Somedays she'll sit quietly in the grass and watch the birds fly by, listen to the wind in the trees and remain generally content. Other days she's running around like a banshee and is the dirty neighborhood kid you always dreaded coming to your doorstep. You know the one who you didn't want to invite in because they might put their grubby little hands on your toys.

So now that she's been conditioned to love the outdoors we have a little monster on our hands. She got at time-out at school this week because she threw a tantrum when they tried to come indoors. At home she'll sit in front of the glass storm door and whine to go out. It's going to be a long summer for mommy and daddy.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Klingon

You'd think we were Star Wars: Next Generation fans from the title of this post, but you would be sorely mistaken. Although I'll readily admit that I've watched a few episodes in my day. Gotta love Jean-Luc Picard. :)

Nope, that's what Shawn has taken to calling Mallory these days. She's been stuck to us like velcro. Guess it's still the teeth. Or maybe it's attachment? That's the crazy thing about parenthood ... it's always a guessing game.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I dropped a bottle of wine on my foot tonight. Right across the toes. @#$%! does my foot hurt. Don't think anything is broken but it's going to be a nice shade of black and blue for a while. Guess that was karma telling me I didn't need to pull out the box of oatmeal creme pies that was sitting behind the bottle.

Taming the Teefies

Ah, the joys of teething. There has been little sleep going on in our house the last few nights. Wasn't sure if it was because her ear infection was back, she just didn't want to sleep or what. But, mommy discovered the culprit tonight while Mallie has having a big `ol belly laugh. A new tooth has popped through and molars are on their way. That makes 8 teefers and counting.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Picking on the Piggies

Here's a pic of my girl with her first piggies. How adorable is she?

Bad things happen in threes

The last few weeks have made me think that it would have been no fun to be a leper. Who wants to be shut away from the world because of a communicable disease?! Okay, so what we've had going on at our house hasn't been that bad. But, I have felt like we've been shut away from teh rest of the world so we wouldn't spread the wealth if you know what I mean.

A few weeks ago, Mallory started off with a cough/congestion (aka bronchial infection), runny nose and pink eye (yeah, that was fun putting drops in her eyes 4 times a day). I picked it up and had fever, coughing, congestion and finally succumbed to the illness and went to the doctor. Acute bronchitis. No fun. A few days after I got sick, Shawn came down with what I had (and you heard it here first, he is a BABY when he is sick!) plus pink eye.

So, does the theory of bad things happening in 3s apply here? Cause if it does, that means we shouldn't be sick for a LONG time since we've gotten a triple dose at my house. Here's to summer and being well.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Chit Chatting

Over the last few weeks Mallie has really started to have conversations with us. For example:

Mallie: Da
Mommy: Yes, that's the dog. Isn't she pretty.
Mallie: Ba
Mommy: Do you want to play with your ball?
Mallie: Ba
Mallie: Unny
Mommy: Where's the bunny? Are you my bunny?
Mallie: Uice
Mommy: I'll get you some juice.

Well, you get the point. She's becoming a little parrot and most likely knows more words that she's letting on. She'll just blurt out a word and shock you.

She's also starting to love on the dogs much more than she ever did. She'll cuddle up to them and just laugh and giggle. It's so darn cute. Jack is even letting her love on him even more.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Auntie Cheryl is coming!

What a surprise for mommy and Mallory. Auntie Cheryl called from the airport to say she's here. Mallie hasn't seen her since late Nov/early Dec. Cheryl is going to be amazed at how much this girl has grown. Mallie's almost bigger than Cheryl now (just kidding...well, a little anyway!).

I sure hope my munchkin behaves herself over the next few days. We're going to be busy shopping and all that good stuff.

Monday, March 13, 2006

We have a genius on our hands

So, every parent thinks that their kid is a genius, right? Well, I'm certainly no exception. Here are a few concrete examples of why my baby girl is headed for the ranks of MENSA.

  • Her extensive vocabulary. Bunny (unny) and thank you (tao ou) are just a few of the many words she speaks. Some may say it sounds like Japanese or gibberish, but mommy and daddy know the truth.
  • Toothbrush habits. So little miss already knows which tube is the toothpaste when it's time to brush her teeth and just asks for more and more. Nummy is her word for it. She is going to have the best hygeine habits around because she knows that her body is her temple. Mommy knows that it's not just the yummy taste of toothpaste that leaves her asking for more.
  • Walking vs. Crawling. Mallie is walking about 98% of the time. But, there are still circumstances where she knows it's faster to drop to her knees and crawl rather than waddle along. She KNOWS!
  • Her outstanding computer skills. She is able to use a mouse extensively and open up baby clothing sites and baby bulletin boards. All of this from a 16 month old!

So there you have it. All very real examples of why my baby is the smartest one alive. :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Told you it was the teeth

So, I can officially blame all the sleep troubles Mallie's had this week on teeth. In between the wailing tonight I actually got to peek into the black hole (her mouth) and saw at least one new tooth that was just bursting through (left front tooth between the canine and middle one) the gum.

In one explosive whine, Shawn got to peek even deeper and said it looks like some of the molars are coming in. Hopefully they'll come in quickly so baby girl isn't in pain too long. Or, mommy and daddy too. We're tired and need our beauty sleep.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lovey Talley

The recent "election" of Mallory's lovey has taken an unexpected turn, with the incumbent trailing slighly. Not sure if blankey will make it's way back.

Here's the current score:

- Baby doll: 4
- Blankey (incumbent): 2
- Monkey: 0

Lullabye and goodnight

Mallory has been a champion sleeper since she was 8 weeks old. She inately knew to start sleeping through the night before mommy went back to work! But the last week she has been a bear with all the whining and crying when we're trying to get her to bed. Tonight was the worst. She whined in the bathtub, threw an all-out tantrum when trying to put on her clothes. She even cried for 20 mins while Shawn and I tried to enjoy our dinner through the din of wails. Finally, I went in to rock her for a little while. I think it's more of those pesky teeth coming in. Hopefully they'll sprout soon and we'll all be catching up on our ZZZZZs.

Rain, Rain Go Away

We bought Mallory an outdoor play set with a swing and a slide. She absolutely loves it. So much so that we've played outside everyday since this last weekend. But, the weather has turned south and thunderstorms are rolling in. Poor Mallie won't get to play outside for the next few days until everything dries out.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Which lovey will it be?

Mallory has been in the process of trying to choose a lovey for quite a while now. First, it started with her fuzzy, wuzzy blanket. Everytime she got out of her crib she had to have it. Second, it was a soft little yellow stuffed monkey. She would carry it around the living room. Unfortunately for the poor monkey he was discarded after just a few days.

This morning it seems as if she may be test driving a new lovey...a baby doll Papa gave her for her first Christmas. She was fascinated with the little eyes that would open and close. So much so I couldn't hardly get her dressed for her playing with them. Okay...well, she wouldn't let go of the toothbrush either so maybe it's a fluke.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hello. My name is Jenn and...

I have an addiction to reality TV. The Bachelor, Project Runway, Dancing with the name it and I love to watch it. Thankfully we have TIVO so I can feed my addiction. Mallory's 7:30p bedtime also helps because I have lots of time after she begins her beauty sleep to develop my deep dark eye circles from staring, glazed-eyed at the TV.

Mallory has a reputation

Most parents worry about their child developing a reputation when they reach their teens. And I'm not talking about those children who have a reputation for doing their homework, doing their chores without having to be asked or just generally being a perfect child. No, I mean those that have a reputation for being bad....staying out past curfew, carousing with the "wrong" crowd. You know what I mean.

Horror of horrors, I've been let in on a secret: Mallory has developed a reputation at the wise old age of 15 months. I learned of this in passing while talking with a friend. "Mallory and (insert name of other child) have a reputation at daycare for biting." Well no one told me!

How did this come about? Is this just a product of plain `ol bad parenting skills? Or, is this just a glimpse of her personality to come? Who knows....but until this phase is over mommy and daddy are making sure to wear multiple layers of clothes so we don't get scarred!

Blogging's all the rage

It seems like everyone is doing it, so why shouldn't I start a blog? I love to take a moment to peek into the lives of why should I deprive others of being able to peek into mine? Just a quick warning, it's pretty boring!

Boring or not, let the blogging begin!
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