Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How many teeth can one girl have?

Teeth seem to be a recurring theme in this blog. The basic point: I wish they would just come in already. Seriously, I am so tired of the whining, crying and clinginess. On the other hand, I feel so sorry for her. She's got four coming in at one time. Gotta hurt.

So, what is prompting this post tonight? Well, it's 10p and we've had to listen to Mallory cry for two hours while we've been trying to get her to go to sleep. The motrin hasn't worked. The rocking hasn't worked. The quiet dark room hasn't worked. What else can I try? (maybe a little whiskey?! just kidding).

To top it all off the AC broke today. Yes, it's hot and humid and we'll all sitting here sweating. It's uncomfortable to say the least. Know when the air conditioner people are getting here? Friday. Yep, 48 whole hours from now. As I told someone earlier...just stick a fork in my eye and get it over with already.

It's been a long day for all of us and it's only just the beginning.

UPDATE: What is that sweet sound I hear? SILENCE! This last time took about 15 mins of crying before she finally gave out for the night (okay, that's my wishful thinking). Cross your fingers for me.

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