Sunday, September 03, 2006

Massive Meltdown

I know they call them the terrible twos for a reason ... but we haven't got there yet so I thought I was still relatively safe. My dreams of a missive toddler came crashing to the ground this week, must like the last drop of a melting ice cream cone falling to the ground. This is a summary of what my little Miss Moo has started doing:

1. Responding to all questions with a resounding, "No."
2. When mommy or daddy asks her to do something, she gives a mischievous little smile and runs. Often accompanied by behavoir in #1.
3. Running away from us in stores, causing mommy to abandon the basket with identification, etc. in search if the escaped convict.
4. When aforementioned convict is caught, the ensuing drama includes yelling, screaming and throwing oneself on the ground while thrashing about.

I actually had to exit a store today for the first time due to behavior #3 and #4. What happened to my cute little baby who just laid there?

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