Monday, February 27, 2006

Mallory has a reputation

Most parents worry about their child developing a reputation when they reach their teens. And I'm not talking about those children who have a reputation for doing their homework, doing their chores without having to be asked or just generally being a perfect child. No, I mean those that have a reputation for being bad....staying out past curfew, carousing with the "wrong" crowd. You know what I mean.

Horror of horrors, I've been let in on a secret: Mallory has developed a reputation at the wise old age of 15 months. I learned of this in passing while talking with a friend. "Mallory and (insert name of other child) have a reputation at daycare for biting." Well no one told me!

How did this come about? Is this just a product of plain `ol bad parenting skills? Or, is this just a glimpse of her personality to come? Who knows....but until this phase is over mommy and daddy are making sure to wear multiple layers of clothes so we don't get scarred!

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