Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just plain tired

I'm not feeling witty these days. Why you ask? Well, I've been trying to figure that out myself. Here are a few things that have crossed my mind:

1. I have a toddler. Although I love her to death, she is SSSOOOO trying these days. I'm beginning to regret that she has mommy's personality.
2. I have a toddler (at work). Okay, it may sound funny to compare work to a toddler, but it's so darn similar. You are dealing with clients who always want their way when sometimes it's just not a good idea.
3. I have a toddler (they just look like dogs). I'm not sure what has taken posession of my dogs these days but they are driving me crazy. I'm trying to keep the house clean since it's on the market and these two are trying to bring in every spec of dirt and rock in the back yard.

Okay, if all that isn't enough, we're dealing with the heat. Damn it's hot. I've been to the doctor to check on my thyroid issue, and sure enough it's going UP, UP, UP and AWAY. So, hopefully next week I'll get my prescription and get back on track. I hate feeling out-of-sorts.

Who knew this was going to be a whine?

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