Monday, March 27, 2006

Chit Chatting

Over the last few weeks Mallie has really started to have conversations with us. For example:

Mallie: Da
Mommy: Yes, that's the dog. Isn't she pretty.
Mallie: Ba
Mommy: Do you want to play with your ball?
Mallie: Ba
Mallie: Unny
Mommy: Where's the bunny? Are you my bunny?
Mallie: Uice
Mommy: I'll get you some juice.

Well, you get the point. She's becoming a little parrot and most likely knows more words that she's letting on. She'll just blurt out a word and shock you.

She's also starting to love on the dogs much more than she ever did. She'll cuddle up to them and just laugh and giggle. It's so darn cute. Jack is even letting her love on him even more.

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