Tuesday, August 26, 2008

(Pre) school days

As a working mommy, I am forced to send my kids to other people during the day. I always think that I would like to be a stay at home mommy and then I consider my personality type. I often wonder if I could really do it ... and if I did, would I have any hair left. But ... I'm not writing about whether I should be a SAHM or not. No, I'm writing about that rite of passage - the first day of school. In our case ... (pre) school.

Mallory has been at the same "school"/daycare sinec Dec 06. She loved it from the day she set foot in the place. And of course, my mommy heart swelled. "I did good" on finding her a place to wile away the hours. All of that came to a screeching halt yesterday. It was transition day. Since regular school started, daycare rearranged all of the classes and redistributed kiddos to new rooms. All of the kids who will go to kindergarten starting in Aug 09 moved up to the preschool class. My little one has a late birthday and will not go to kindy until Aug 10 (she was born in November). You see where I am going with this. Yes, she was left behind.

The loss of friends who moved up to the next class has caused so much upheaval at our house in the last 24 hours that we even resorted to bribing her to be happy - with McDonalds. The worst came this morning when she told me:

I don't like school.

I think I may have worn away some of my brake pads on the car I stopped so quickly. I just turned around and looked at my sad little girl, knowing there is nothing I can really do to fix this. But of course, I must put some kind of stop-gap measure in place because my kids WILL LOVE school (I'm really not as controlling as this sentence may make me seem). Off to call the daycare director. Cross your fingers for me. And if you've ever been in this situation I'd love some advice. Really, because I want this little girl back (ignore the fuzzy picture, darn iPhone!):

In more positive news, Truett also moved classes. He graduated from the infant class to pre-tods and is in heaven. Little boys are so easy.


Anonymous said...

Christopher started a new class this week also.. Things will work out she will just need a few days to get to know the new girls in her class and she will be happy again. If you change her to move with her friends then she will just have heatache again next year when they leave her to go to school.. if you leave her where she is she will create new friends that she will start school with and have a stronger bond when that hard hard day finally comes for us.
Time heals all wounds- and FYI little boys arent easier..Christopher punched his teacher the first day of his new school- at least Mallie just pouts

American Mommy in Mexico said...

I have had to learn that in Mexico my boys no longer have this "perfect kid life." I have had to remind myself that the challenges they are facing are exactly what they need to learn to deal with adversity. Better to have deal with disappointment along the way (that are age appropriate and that we can give hugs to help)than to protect them till 18 and not be able to handle real world.

It is hard though. We have that natural instinct to protect!!! make it all better!!

I just discussed this exact topic with Husband last night.

I agree with Melody's advice.

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