Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

It's 12:07a on my clock. Everyone is tucked away snuggly in their bed. Well, not their bed since Mallory has made her nest in Mommy and Daddy's bed. But, you get the idea. Truett is snoring away ... Mallie is spread eagle ... Shawn is curled up into a ball trying to keep from falling off the edge of the bed. And here I am ... wide awake. I've found myself somewhat afflicted by insomnia the last few weeks. It's even worse tonight because I feel like I'm in the beginning of some psychological thriller. Why? Just silliness actually.

I was laying in bed ... minding my own business ... watching Flipping Out (have you seen this? there are people out there who are crazier than we are!). The next thing I know ... I hear three ting, ting, tings. I felt intense panic in the pit of my stomach. Because we've all seen the slasher movies, right? We know what is coming next. Yep ... I'm not saying I'm rational at this time of the night.

Where was the sound coming from? Sounded like it was outside. I sat up, the hairs on my neck raised. I sat there, listening intently ... just daring whomever was outside my window to make another noise. Then I heard something sound like it came from the attic. This is a usual sound in my house (gotta love those squirrels; reminder to add to the to-do list: exterminate), but coupled with the tinging ... well, had me scared to death.

Oh no, I was not content to just HEAR the so-called intruder. What did I do next? WHAT YOU ALWAYS YELL AT THE MOVIE HEROINE FOR: I went outside, in the dark, with no flashlight or weapon to protect myself from only God knows what. Smart, huh? Good thing there was nothing out there. Although on my way back into the house I did get the freak out feeling again and RAN! I am such a chicken.

So, here I am. Hoping that no one was out there stealing my air conditioning unit and that I wish I had super-night-vision eyesight so I could have seen if anything or anyone was out there (that's an interesting side note ... what would my superpower name be?). Because seriously, how would I cope in 500 degree weather without air conditioning?

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