Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Star Struck

Mallory did a gymnastics try-me class back in May. She decided she'd rather do ballet. So 9 weeks later, we were back in gymnastics. At WOGA of all places (just so happens it's down the street from our house). I had forgotten about Nastia Liukin and her dad who owns the place. Until last night. While Mallory was running and jumping her heart out at her class, I gazed upon:

Valeri Liukin

He was teaching a class of young girls. They were practicing tumbling and you could tell he just adored all of them. And vice versa. There was such a joy in the way he was responding to them and encouraging him. Now I know why he has produced so many champions (if that is how he interacts with all his kids). Honestly, I wanted to get up and do a double back, two and a half twist, whipsaw flash back thingy. But I probably would have been in bed today if I tried.

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