Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking a bite out of the big apple

I love NYC. The people. The lights. The 24/7 attitude. Unfortunately, when I got here last night I had lost my 24/7 attitude. Exhaustion had set in. I did find my way over to Toys R Us in Times Square to pick up a little something-something for Mallie. But then I came back to this:

Ahhh, sweet serenity! And then this (my $30 dinner):

It was well worth every cent. Probably one of the best hamburgers I've ever had. It came with this red wine sauce. Yummy. Couldn't sleep last night so I tossed and turned. Ended up watching Knocked Up until 1:30a, then got up at 6a to get ready for my meeting. Ran to the diner next to the hotel and had a more reasonably priced breakfast - $12.

After our meeting, we made our way back to the city. I saw the corporate offices for the first time. Shabby is about as good as I can get on this one. Then I walked the one million blocks in 500 degree heat while wearing black pants and a long sleeve button up. Okay, maybe it wasn't that far. But it felt it while I was schleping my 1,000lb computer and 250lb purse. (side note: maybe I should get out of this hotel and try to find one of those backalley purse places.) Of course, I had to get myself into a little trouble along the way and ran into one of these:
I would have taken a picture, but honestly I couldn't rip off the plastic fast enough to shove it into my mouth. And then the next thing I know it was all gone. I had seen them on QVC (yep ... I love it!) and just HAD to try a piece for myself even at the expense of ruining my dinner. And I think I have. I am stuffed. Like a pig. And now I have to pick myself up and meet my client at a restaurant then head off to:

It is going to be a late night, but lots of fun. The car service comes to pick me up at 5:30a so I can get on my 7:55a flight that connects through Chicago. Now the only question is ... should I even sleep at all tonight?!

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American Mommy in Mexico said...

I LOVE to visit NY too! I saw Mama Mia when there in June. So Awesome!

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