Friday, July 18, 2008

$5 Challenge

I don't know why I insist on torturing myself. Between a full time job, a husband, two kids and three animals I really have my hands full. But, the sadistic person in me has decided to give myself yet another challenge. Just one more thing to contemplate.

The $5 Dinner Challenge

Yes, I am challenging myself to make dinner for a family of four (really only three ... two kids = one adult; although, Truett is getting close to eating us out of house and home). The sad fact is that I've told too many people about this to back out now! The lazy monster voice in my head keeps telling me this is crazy and will require too much time. But, my brain (that controls my wallet) is saying .. do it, do it, do it (those Nike ads really work). I find myself thinking wether this is really possible for a person like me? Yes. Will the meals be the healthiest dishes on the planet? Probably not. But they will be tasty.

I am a perpetual food planner. Food is VERY important to me. I'm not a gourmand, but I do enjoy my food. I want to know and think about what I am going to eat every day. I look forward to it from the time I get up in the morning until the sweet morsels hit my mouth (except for pork chop day ... I don't like it very much). And to meet the goals of this challenge planning is a must-have skill-set.

Since today is grocery store day, I already have the menu planned out. Here goes:

Pinto beans ($1) and cornbread ($.33), ingredients to go into beans/cornbread (about $4)
Total: $5.33

Frozen stir fry (I already have it ... save resources and use what I have in the freezer!)
Total: $5.50

Homemade waffles ($1), bacon ($3) and hashbrowns ($.50)
Total: $4.50

Mac n cheese ($7.50, but you freeze half so per meal cost equals $3.75), frozen veggie ($1)
Total: $4.75

Baked eggs (this may change) ($2), toast ($1.50)
Total: $3.50

Leftover beans, cornbread ($.60 with all ingredients)
Total: $.60

EAT OUT! I will be exhausted from trying to scrimp on these cost-saving meals. :)

Okay ... so there goes my first week of $5 dinners. I have been thinking of a few others:

  • Manwich (this takes me back to when we were first married!)
  • Chicken tacos (yummy!)
  • Mushroom chicken and rice
  • Ziti casserole
There you go ... I've told a few people about this and everyone seems amazed that I am even trying it. But, with the price of food and gas, you gotta try something to save some cash. I'll let you know how it's going. And if anyone has any other ideas then please send them my way. I don't want the family to starve.

All this talk about food is making me hungry ... off to get a snack!

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