Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A new resource for the $5 challenge

I stumbled upon a new resource for my $5 meal challenge. And, this one is close to my heart!

Ahh ... the ideas on this site make me heady with joy! It's easy food. How can you go wrong? The only work required for a great meal is to get the food out of the cabinet, fridge, freezer, etc. and throw it in the pot. What's 10 mins out of my day when it means no pots and pans to clean up after I eat?

I my crockpot. I've been on a roll with it recently too ... I've cooked pork tenderloin, chicken stroganoff, chicken tacos and pinto beans. I'm sure there are some others but I can't remember right now. The good news is that I've made enough of each of these to freeze extra portions. You know where I'm going with this, right? NO COOKING REQUIRED! It's like I get to eat dinner without any of the real work. Just throw that sealed bag (another one of my favorite things: the foodsaver) in a pan of boiling water, heat and eat. Even better is that by the time you make so much of this stuff, the per meal cost goes WAY down so now I have even more ideas for my $5 dinners.

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