Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet Cinder

I am just plain crazy. A home is not complete without a cat. And we didn't have one. So, I had to go get one. Even more crazy, I did in on a day I was going out of town so Shawn had to deal with said cat, two dogs and two kids by himself. But, we did end up with one of the cutest kitty cats ever.

Meet Cinderella (aka Cinder)

She's a cuddle bunny. Purrs when you love on her. Wants to nurse your arm, neck or any other exposed body part. Just kitten heaven! I rescued her from the pound and the vet said she was proabably 4 - 5 weeks old when we got her.

The whole family loves her. Mallory chases her around trying to pick her up. Truett just wants her tail and says "ka ka" in an attempt to yell Kitty Kat. And the dogs, well, they are better than the first day she came home.

It's a good thing that cats don't do therapy. I might not be able to afford the bills if they did.

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