Monday, September 08, 2008

NYC, home away from home

I feel like I've been spending LOTS `O time in NYC these days. And I love it!

Years ago I really wanted to move there and take a big `ol bite out of the city. At my previous employer, an internal job was posted for the practice in NYC and I seriously thought about applying. I even joked around with Shawn to get his take (Underhanded, I know. He had no idea of what I was doing. He was just being introduced to the world of Jenn). He didn't take.

Anyway, was having lunch with my friend Tracy a few weeks ago and we started throwing around the idea of doing another girls' trip. Couldn't afford another trip to Paris (Tracy and I went in Feb 08) or Vienna (where we're planning our next out-of-country escapade) so we said that maybe a cosmopolitan city like NYC could fill in the gaps. And, even better, let's go at the holidays to soak up all the holiday spirit.

Started talking to my friend Mello `Dondo. She has a friend who owns partnership in a hotel just off Times Square. The more we talk, the more exciting this trip is ... because it's becoming a reality. Yes my friends, discount hotel room just off Times Square. We are paying a per night rate that is just a little more than we'd pay for a hotel room in Suburbia, TX.

Oh wait, it gets even better (do you feel like you're in an infomercial for NYC?). We had been looking at airfare and were finding rates in the vicinity of $300 - $325. This AM when the hotel was confirmed, we logged on and found it for $238. This trip was destined.

So ... I'm off to soak up some more of the big city with my girls. It's going to be a long wait until December.

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