Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's been a long time since ...

Growing up, I used to play a mean trick on friends who came to spend the night with me. I'd lure them over under the guise of chit chat, popcorn, movies, make-up, boys ... an endless list of things girls like to do when they sleep over at someones house. Of course, once they were there ... (insert evil laugh) I made them my minions and put them to work. The diva interior designer would come out and I'd force them to help me rearrange my room (insert another evil laugh). It didn't take long for people to catch on to this phenomenon of "let's go to Jenn's house and work." Of course, it did quickly sort out the real friends! Luckily, I didn't push it on them too many times. I couldn't wait for them to come over to rearrange ... so I learned to do a lot of heavy lifting myself.

Even today ... (muffled) years later, Shawn still quakes when he hears me say, "I have an idea." Because to him, this means "let's rearrange the furniture." Let's face it, I like to change things up. But in this house I haven't done much of that. Probably because there is really only one way to put furniture in our bedroom. And the playroom doesn't have that much in it. The kitchen ... well, there is only so much you can do. But the living room and office are fair game! It's on baby. :)

Well, we've arranged the living room about three times in almost two years. That is REALLY a low arrangement to time ratio for me. The office has been arranged once - when we got the office furniture put in.

But lately, I've been feeling the old familiar itch. Maybe it's the change in weather. Maybe I've just unsuccessfully tried to stifle the inner designer ... but it's back. So on Sunday, when I said, "I've got an idea," Shawn just kinda rolled his eyes and backed away. But once I told him what it was, he was very very happy. Especially when I moved all the furniture by myself while he was at Home Depot.

Anyway ... that's a really big lead in to say that I rearranged the office. I think it looks pretty good. Of course, we're going to dump the big black filing cabinet and the broken 46" tv (have I written about the famous Wii incident yet?). And I still need a nice room-sized rug. But we're getting there. Yeah, it's a bit of a bowling alley since all the furniture is off to the side, but this arrangement REALLY works for us.

The curtains are a little tired ... I think I may put up some nice blue ones I have. Yes, I know the rod is hung too low. But I gave up on trying to direct Shawn to where I really wanted it. It works for now.
I found this baby at the new Homegoods store (that place is HEAVEN I tell you). It lives in the office by the back door. We each have our own basket. I was thinking about painting the baskets black. What do you think?
Anyway ... this gives each of us a place to put our stuff each day ... and a way for mommy to not have to run home from school to pick up something we forgot. I can hear it now:

Kidlet: Mommy, I forgot (insert some weird item) at home.
Mommy: Was it in your basket?
Kidlet: No, I forgot to put it in there.
Mommy: You should have remembered to put it in your basket. I bet you don't forget next time. I'm not going home to get it.

Okay ... so that would be in a perfect world. In the real world I always turn around, go home and bring the missing item. On a side note, does anyone else find it disturbing that I always create conversations like this? I'm kinda worried about myself.

Anyway ... that's what I've been up to. I'm getting antsy to do a little something to the playroom next. Please don't let me do anything crazy before the holidays. I have too much to do already. I cannot add to the madness.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the basket idea-- Adam and I have a drawer but that leaves nothing for Caden or Chrsitopher.. hmmm

I like it when you do stuff, then I can steal the ideas.

I am going to a closeout store place today at lunch.. Hopefully I can find some cute stuff! cheap cute stuff I mean!

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