Monday, September 29, 2008

It's not the excitement I thought it would be

Hallelujah the bunk beds arrived on Saturday morning. The delivery truck's arrival was heralded with a beautiful sun-shiny day. Even better, they were on time. I wasn't feeling great that day but sucked it up, moved furniture around, cleaned out closets, etc.

Mallory was sooo excited to get her beds. She played coy with the delivery guys and would run back and forth from her room to me or Shawn and bury her head. When it was all said and done, here's what we have:
Nice, eh? The finish is called Shell. A wonderful creamy color. Of course this means that I must paint all the other furniture in the room to match (because it is currently white). Oh well ... I will just keep telling myself that I love my family and enjoy all the work that goes into making their abode beautiful.

The new bedding looks good too. I got two different quilts. The bottom bunk has a fairy princess on it and the top bunk is a patchwork. You don't get a pic of the top one because well ... I was too lazy to crawl up there and snap it (I foresee Mallory taking advtg of mommy's laziness!) Both are Simply Shabby Chic by Rachael Ashwell from Target.

So what girl wouldn't love all this? Apparently mine. We've had the bed for two nights so far. And you want to know how many nights she's slept in it: zero. You got it. She is now saying she's afraid of her room. That if she sleeps in there the Kangaroos (???) are going to come in and get her. Monster/kangaroo spray isn't working. I don't know what to do. These beds were supposed to solve my problems!

Truett didn't get left out of the room makeover challenge this weekend. He got Mallie's old bed. The room is tight with the crib and bed, etc. but I think we made it look okay. Please overlook the theme mishmash. I know that monkey/jeep and bunnies do not go together. But until we dump the crib bunnies have to go off-roading and avoid being food for the crocs/monkeys.

So that was my weekend. Lots 'o work, but worth it.

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