Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Do you hear the restrains of one of the most beautiful songs in the world going through your head? Because I do! Why?

Mallory slept in her bed last night!

Can I hear a hallelujah?! I surely hope this sweet relief is not a fluke. Because boy did I enjoy my beauty sleep last night. I haven't spoken with Shawn yet today but I'm sure he didn't miss the kicks to his kidneys one bit.

First, I tried bribing her. A few months ago Shawn bought a flashlight that looks like a Hannah Montana microphone. She's a little young for HM (IMO) so we put it in the closet, just waiting for the right moment to whip it out and have her submit to our will in return for a toy. Last night was the right time. I told her if she slept in her bed for five nights in a row she would get the toy.

Wasn't so sure it was going to work though ... because around 9p she crawled into our bed. I was working so I kept shooing her away. She finally got the point and went back to her room. When I was done ... bout 9:30p, she was still wide awake. Then it hit me ... she used to sleep with music as a baby, let's put some on for her. Easier said than done ... we don't have just a "plain" CD player in the house anymore. No, I can only buy technology that has dual purposes. :) But, regardless, there was no problem ... I hauled my laptop in there, popped in the Celine Dion "Miracle" CD and dug out a power cord to ensure said music would play to the end of the CD (I wasn't taking ANY chances).

It worked.

This morning she asked me if I would play her the music again. OF COURSE I WILL IF IT WILL GET YOU TO SLEEP IN YOUR BED. So, I have an errand to run at lunch -- to pick up Mallory's very own technological device that will keep her out of mommy and daddy's bed. Cross your fingers that it works again tonight.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome-- I have never thought about the music.. I would be afraid Christopher would sing so loudly it would wake up Caden.

Caden wasnt happy sleeping in his own bed last night but made it until around 1am this morning.
I think I will never sleep again

American Mommy in Mexico said...

We have done music at bedtime since kids born. They love it!

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