Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy (late) Thanksgiving and what I did this weekend

Another Gobble, Gobble! day has come and gone. I managed to sufficiently stuff myself to the gills. My pants won't hardly button anymore. I think it's time to go back on Weight Watchers (really, no joke here). While our vacay to Gilmer got off to a rocky start (Shawn was sick on Tuesday) we managed to get up on Weds and hit the road.

Came home on Saturday afternoon and did five (yes, let me repeat, five) loads of laundry. My parents are smokers so we have to wash EVERYTHING when we come back home or risk smelling like an ashtray for weeks.

I got an itch on Saturday evening to start decorating for the holidays. So, my dutiful husband climbed into the attic and dropped about 20 boxes into the garage for me to peruse. It was actually fun this year because Mallory oohhhed and ahhheeedd over each and everything that came out of a box.

We started with the Christmas tree. We put on a PBS special about Glenn Miller and danced around while we put it all together. Mallory and True loved it. Shawn stayed in the other room because he's not so crazy about Glenn Miller (or Christmas, except the present part!). I wish we had a real tree ... but the fake version is just so much easier these days. To tell you how lazy I am ... it's even pre-lit. Just add ornaments and voila, you have a tree.

Still have much left to do inside the house. See that mantle with no garland? It looks so naked.

Yesterday, I didn't get motivated until around 4p. At that point, I decided it would be a good idea to put the outdoor lights up. Yes ... crazy, but it's the life I lead. Shawn had already put up the icicle lights on the eaves. He was motivated much earlier in the day than I was.

I meant to take a picture for the blog ... but I was too tired. Another day.

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