Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sleeping arrangements

When Mallory was 18 months old she gave up the crib cold turkey. She took a nap in her "big girl bed" one day and forever after screamed when you tried to take her near the prison that was called crib. True on the other hand has well ... been a handful when it comes to transitioning to a big boy bed.

The first try at sleeping on the twin came at nap time a few months ago. Yeah, that lasted about 5 mins before I moved him to the crib. Then, I decided to try again one night that he was exhausted. Jackpot! He fell asleep on the bed. I was giddy (and proud too). But, about two hours later I checked on him only to find he was rolled into a little ball on the floor NEXT to the bed. Yeah ... bust on that one.

But, I have promised our crib to our nephew for their new baby, Lauren, who is due to arrive in Feb/March 2009. So you see my problem. I have started to feel the internal clock ticking in my head. So the last few nights we've made an effort to go to sleep in the big boy bed. It hasn't worked. But you know what has? Going to sleep in the big girl bed.

See those stripes? That's little man hugging the wall. I'm not complaining and neither is he. It works. However, I've lost a little free time in the evenings because loss of prison (aka crib) also means that bedtime is extended. You give and you take, right?! Poor Jill is the loser here ... she's lost prime sleep territory.

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