Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In the presence of celebrity

On Thursday night, we went to Serendipity. Oh the deliciousness (in more ways that one!). On our way in, I looked up and saw this man coming out of the door. I instantly recoginzed him but couldn't place him. All of the girls thought I was crazy because they didn't get a good look at him. And of course, I was too chicken to pull out the iPhone and start snapping away to show them. I was content to know that I had run into a famous actor ... but would never be able to place him.

So ... Mello showed me a pic she had taken of the famous restaurant and lo and behold, she unknowingly got my "celebrity" in the frame!

It's Nestor Carbondell. He was in Suddenly Susan, Lost and was even in The Dark Knight. Yes, we were in the presence of greatness!

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