Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a Candyland Christmas

Mallie and True's daycare host a Christmas program every year. I will admit that I totally look forward to this spectacle. Maybe it's just the holiday spirit in me or maybe it's just because I'm mean and I LOVE collecting embarrassing pictures, etc. to use as bribery when the kids get older. Either way, I'm so excited that my kids get to participate in these types of "community" events.

This year's theme was:

Unfortunately, we got into the auditorium a little late so we had to sit behind Amazon-like people. I mean I'm short, but seriously every one in front of us was about 6 feet tall (they all decided to sit on the first two rows). See what I mean?

Anyway, the program was very fun. Each of the classes came out and either ran through the auditorium or sang a song. True's class dressed up like Christmas trees and paraded through. What more can we expect of toddlers? I'd post a picture, but they are all on the camera in the car. So will get one up at a later date.

But Mallory's class ... well, they were something else. Take a look at the video below. Oh, and please disregard Amazon-woman's dancing. I love me some Jackson 5 too ... but I don't do that in public (you'll see when you look at the vid). My munchkin is the one with the red/pink stripes on her sleeves. I think she inherited her rhythm from Daddy!

On another note, this video forced me to learn how to compress files. YEAH! I think I may have created a monster so lookout for more vids. The one bad thing about compression is that I've lost a little quality (which wasn't great anyway since I took it on a camera). But this is so worth the memories.

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Anonymous said...

I think your giggling in the background makes the video the best

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