Sunday, December 14, 2008

Add architect to my job description

It's been a VERY busy weekend. It started on Friday with a run to Costco (and an outlay of $400 for random stuff; how do I do that?). Then, I headed off to the regular grocery store. Stayed up late doing some projects for Christmas. I'm not sure why midnight is a standard weekend bedtime but something's gotta give soon or these bags under by eyes will have their own airplane.

Saturday we had planned to visit Santa. Mallory needed to tell him what she wanted you know. I had planned to get there when they opened (9a), but somehow I was just waking Shawn up at that time. We finally got there at 10:30a and waited in line for 45 mins. I got to do a little shopping while Shawn held our place. Good thing the Stride Rite store was right there cause True NEEDED a new pair of shoes. Mallory busied herself in the play area and then stood like a statue in front of a clown making balloon animals. Yeah ... he had a little sign up that said "$2 tips" but wouldn't give out any animals without cash in hand. Mallory suckered us into two greenbacks to buy a heart shaped balloon. Tip not included.

When it was finally our turn to see Santa Truett was having none of it. He yelled, cried (or screeched as Mallory says these days) and arched his back. Wouldn't even get close. Mallory on the other hand couldn't wait to jump on the big man's lap and tell him what she wanted. A dollhouse. I hope she gets it (LOL). After Santa, we walked around the mall to ride the kiddie train and then ran up to Borders to buy a book for Mallory's school exchange. Good times.

Sorry for the fuzzy pic ... I took a picture of a picture! We came home and I started wrapping gifts for those friends and family who must be mailed away. Got almost all of them done. Maybe we will actually get them in the mail/overnight mail tomorrow (Monday). But, if I were a betting girl, I wouldn't bet on it. After that, it was time to get ready for the annual Buck holiday party. I really wanted to take a nap instead, but it had been two years since I made an appearance so it was a required event for me. We had an okay time. That's all I can say about it. I'm not sure it was worth the $20 we paid for babysitting.

This morning we slept in until 8:30a. What a treat. I even stayed in bed until 10a. An even better treat. That was where the fun stuff ended. I spent the next 9 hours picking up the house, making food for our work holiday lunch on Monday, making dinner, folding 4 loads of laundry and putting it up, etc. But, the best part of the afternoon was the art project I did with Mallory. Behold my newest talent (LOL), gingerbread architect:

While it doesn't look perfect, we had a fantastic time putting it together and deciding how to decorate it. I defnitely think this will be an annual tradition from now on. And I can only thank the powers-that-be who designed and marketed the ready-made gingerbread house!

So, off to have a bath and bed. And then we get to start another week all over again. I really need vacation.

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Anonymous said...

You will laugh that I didnt pay the $8 for the house thinking it would go down and Christopher had to have it while at Target yday so I paid $10 to get it..
Dang it

We will be doing our house tonight so we can compare

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