Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slow ride

The Barbie Jeep is still a big hit in our house. Thankfully. You always spend big bucks on toys and then they end up being neglected and lonely. Not a good return on investment. Luckily, the BJ is still new enough that we haven't encountered that problem.

Jeeps seem to be on the mind lately. Shawn's been doing some work on his Jeep in the garage. I think he's pulled every socket, wrench, tire (there are 9 of them ladies and gentlemen), drill press, oil can, tire rim, whatchamacalit out. I'm not exagerating. But, because of the chaos that is JEEP there's been no room to keep Mallie's ride out there. So, he put it in the office until he's sufficiently reorganized the outdoor storage area back to its usual clutter. The kids love having it in the house ... they just sit in it and listen to the radio ... taking a slow ride to nowhere.

They'll play with it for hours. Getting in. Getting out. Crawling over the hood. Hanging on to the back pretending the wind is going through their hair (maybe that's a mommy dream!). I think this love affair with Jeeps is a Tinkham trait. All the men in the family seem to eat, drink and sleep Jeep at some point in their lives. Now that I think about it ... I was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee when Shawn and I first met. Actually, it's the one that he's been working on. Maybe it wasn't my charming personality that brought him over to the dark side ... it was the Jeep! It all makes perfect sense!
Anyway ... as you can see in the pic, True is a great chauffer for Mallie and the baby (whose name changes daily so I am not sure what to call her right now). Of course, I hope he can sit down and keep his eyes on the road when it's really time to drive. I may have to revoke his license otherwise.
P.S. Please forgive my issues with formatting. Blogger is not cooperating and refuses to let me put spaces before the picture and before the paragraphs. Someone should send her to time out.


Anonymous said...

I have something that is not so PG rated about your use of initials BJ

American Mommy in Mexico said...

I have to agree. It is some wierdo parent thing that makes you rejoice in good ROI!

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