Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy birthday, Bugaboo

On November 6, 2004, our lives were immeasurably changed - for the better. Our little girl, Mallory Manet, unexpectedly made her way into this world. She wasn't due for two more weeks but for some reason she just couldn't wait any longer to make our dreams come true. Now, four short years later it is still hard to believe we have been graced with such a loving, inspiring but insolent child! My little bugaboo (aka "bug").

So on Thursday, her actual birthday, I took the day off to revel in the joy of spending time with my beloved little girl.

Our big outing for the day was to the American Girl store. It was a first (but not a last) for both of us. We spent about 45 mins looking through the store and then headed up the escalator to the Bistro for lunch. Did you know they will let you borrow dolls to share lunch with? They even have the cutest itty bitty highchairs for the dolls that hook on to the table. Mallory got to choose which baby to take care of during our lunch. Unfortunately, she was too busy with the doll to actually eat. I just could not force myself to eat all $50 of the food we had ordered (call me sucker).

As the lunch progressed, Mallory kept asking me if the doll was ours to keep. What's a mommy to do on her first born's birthday? I didn't plan on buying anything but could not resist (I later told Shawn I had "sucker" tattooed on my forehead ...first lunch, then doll). We came home with a Bitty Baby and two sets of clothing (a birthday outfit and a cheerleader outfit). Later that day we stopped to see daddy at work and then chilled at home. It was a great day.

On Saturday, we had the "big" birthday party. Food, cake, bouncy house. You name it. It was EXHAUSTING. Now I know why people choose to outsource the birthday party. And I am already looking for next year's vendor. Way to plan in advance.

All in all it was a great day. Only a few toes were run over with the Barbie Jeep. Truett fell out of it once (thankfully on grass). It's a good thing he's good at the stop, drop and roll maneuver. And now my girl is officially a year older. I already miss my "baby." Mallory continues to protest that she is my baby (she's a big girl, don't you know!). One day she will understand that she will always be my baby.

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Anonymous said...

I almost had a tear to the pre-planning comment!

Time sure does fly.. Strange to think we have known each other about 4 years no tho!

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