Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Home improvement: master bath update

I had been mulling over what our bathroom vanity would look like if it were painted. But, I had been too chicken to do it. Or, maybe just the thought of the work involved was off-putting. But, knowing I had a three-day weekend over the Fourth of July must have invigorated me because I stopped at the paint store on the way home Thursday and bought two quarts. I went to work right away ... and this is what we have:

I don't have any before photos on this computer, but trust me when I say it looks 1000 times better. The ivory cream that was there had started to chip along the doors. And, instead of being ivory creamy it was more like dirty dingy.

I am still on a quest for new door hardware. I've bought and returned two sets. Maybe the third time is the charm? We are going to take at trip over to Elliott's Hardware to see what we can find. I think of it as door hardware nirvana. There are hundreds of pulls to choose from. Oh ... it's just about heaven for someone like me.

Shawn even worked in there for me this last weekend and installed lights over the bathtub. I am finally getting rid of all these black holes in the house. The bad part of that ... I see all the dust bunnies. I just can't have my cake and eat it too, can I?!

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