Thursday, July 02, 2009

Funning feeling

Do you ever just have a funny feeling and not quite feel "right?" That's how this week has been for us.

  • Truett: We can't keep up with the runny nose. He's waking up early because he can't breathe. And have I said anything about the whining lately? Yeah ... I think he might be going for a world record of whineyness.
  • Mallory: Has had a tummy ache off and on since last Saturday night. Of course, she has learned how to use sickness to her advantage. Maybe she's just playing us?!
  • Mommy: Headaches, stuff nose/sore throat, aching foot (I fell and twisted it last weekend).
  • Shawn: Well ... he's about the only healthy one around here these days. On second thought, maybe he is sick in the head. He's been doing some things around the house for me (installing lights, etc.).
  • Mickey: See the picture. Need I say more? He's been hanging around since June 7 and I can't believe he's still alive. I think his time with us is coming to a close though. Peace out, Mickey.

It's a good thing the July 4 holiday starts tomorrow. I need some rest (and a good BBQ).

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