Thursday, July 09, 2009


I blogged a few short weeks ago about Truett needing a speech evaluation. We had three choices for the evaluation:

1. Go to a private practice. Not our first choice as ped says it is not usually covered by insurance.
2. Go to Baylor's Our Children's House. Preferred option per ped since it's covered and it more like a private practice.
3. Use the government-run program, Early Childhood Intervention. This is a good option, but we were told that it could be weeks/months before we get an evaluation and there would not be as many therapy sessions as Option #2.

So ... we decided to go for #2. I faxed over our info/referrals, etc. and anxiously awaited the call to schedule an appointment. Well, they finally called a few days ago and we scheduled for July 21. But ... and it's a big but ... the insurance coordinator called today.

Our financial portion of the evaluation: $550.

My heart dropped. This is exorbitant and I just cannot do it. I feel guilty that I think this is too much money for a speech evaluation. $273/hr, wow (I wonder what the margin is on that?). I've struggled all afternoon wondering if it really is worth the money, but no matter how I look at it I just cannot justify that amount when I know there are other less expensive (but I am told, just as good) means of obtaining the evaluation.

So, we are back to square 1. And option #3. Cross your fingers that we get an appt sooner than later. On the other hand, True has made great progress in the last few weeks. He is even starting to speak in phrases. So maybe a delay won't hurt.

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Anonymous said...

The ready start- early childhood #3 came to Caden's school to do a screening.. Um I havent called her back yet but maybe I will and see what they said about Caden.
Will let you know

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