Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend festivities

It was a nice Memorial Day weekend. Of course, not long enough, but that is an ongoing complaint. Here's a quick run down (with only a few pics).

We took Mallory to see Dr Newman for her first eye exam. She did very well at telling him which way the legs of the E were pointing. The good news is that no correction is needed at this time. He started talking about how she's a little farsighted but that's good at this age because ... and then I drifted away. Once I heard the magic words - no correction needed - my visit was over! Shawn and I each picked up a new pair of glasses while we were there. I can't wait to show off my new blue frames.
I had a hair-brained idea to have a garage sale and had been collecting the merchandise in the dining room for a week or so. Let me just say that I am sad that I did not take a picture because the place was COVERED. In fact, at the beginning of this project, I told Shawn several times that I didn't think we had enough stuff for a garage sale. Boy was I wrong. Especially since we made $300. I then had Shawn take most of the leftovers to Goodwill. Good riddance.

What didn't make it over to the donation pile -- that darn tub of Eeyores that Shawn has been collecting for years. It's so precious to him that it's lived in the attic for about 5 years now. He says he's going to put them on EBay. Now that I've made this knowledge public maybe he will comply! Otherwise, a box of perfectly good Eeyores goes back up into the attic.

True was in a particularly good mood this morning. I think he wanted to do some demolition. Luckily, demolishing the playroom is about as far as he can take it these days.

Mallory and I got up bright and early and headed over to IKEA. They were have a great sale on Expedits (book shelves) and of course I NEEDED one for Truett's room. Yeah ... so they were giving out free breakfast too so we decided to partake. Probably a big mistake since the eggs were powdered and watery. Then, Mallory accidentally spilled her drink all over her plate. Again, good thing it was free.
Mello met up with us at IKEA and we tinkered around. Christopher and Mallory ran rough-shod through the place. But, they had a good time. Once we were done shopping, we headed over to McDonald's for lunch and a date with the twisty slides. That didn't go too well for Mallory. She climbed up to the slide platform and then got scared. Mommy had to crawl part of the way up there to get her. Thank goodness Mello didn't have her phone camera nearby or you would have had to see my backside climbing up there. And I can assure you it was not a pretty picture.

Once we left McD's, we stopped at ULTA to pick up some beautifying products and then headed home. I tried to roll Mallory's hair in these curlers. Isn't she cute? Reminds me of the "ladies" from the Tuna series. Isn't one of them almost always in curlers?!

You notice up there that I said "tried." It didn't work. Probably because her hair was too wet when I tried to do it and neither one of us had the patience to wait it out. Even with a hair dryer it was just taking too long. So, we'll try again another day.

A quiet day. I wasn't feeling great so I spend most of the morning taking it easy by picking up the house and catching pieces of two movies on the Showtime free movie weekend - The Great Debaters and Stardust. Both were fantastic. Mallory was begging all morning to go out to play in this:

That green thing back there is the pool. About 10:45a I tried to get in it with her but it was just too cold. When I wouldn't go in, Mallory moved on to Plan B. Make-up time. Truett had it all over his body, like war paint. It was hilarious. I'm just happy they bond together, you know?!
After Shawn got home (unfortunately he had to work on Memorial Day, but did get off a few hours early) I headed off to the grocery store to stock up. Seriously ... there were only 10 things on my list. I came home without about 60 things. But, to give me a pat on the back, that little snow cone maker I bought the kids (yeah ... it was for them) makes great treats.

That's about the extent of the weekend. Boring but good. I am already in need of another one!

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