Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vinyl Wall Art: The Easy Way to Decorate

If you know me, you accept (but probably do not understand) my need to mix it up in the decorating department. Poor Shawn dreads it when I say, "I have an idea ..." He usually runs. But, these days, it's easier than ever for me to put my own stamp on the house without the help of anyone else - by using vinyl art designs. There's no commitment. Don't like it one spot ... move it to another. It's genius.

I've bought a few that I use in my bedroom and in the kids room. I am always on the search for cool designs to put in my back pocket ... just for the rainy day that I feel one of the rooms needs a makeover. Today I found Lewa's Designs via A Soft Place to Land. This store has some of the cutest stuff. You should check it out at
These are some of my favs from her site. I adore the tree, but it's still a little out of my price range.

And, she's even kicking it up a notch. If you blog about her site by June 10, you can win a free vinyl. Then, if you add her little blinkie on your blog she will send you a second one for free! You pick from one of the designs below and get to pick the color. Of course, I am going for the bird and the catepillar. Still deciding on color, but I do know I am going to put them on the kids' bedroom doors with their initials.

So, check it out ya'll. It's an easy way to make a space your own.

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