Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Don't take my man

Mallory was pretty sad when we came home from gymnastics yesterday. I thought it was because the fun of gym was over and the prospect of a bath was enough to bring on tears. Nope. As we started talking about it, she told me her friend Sabrina* was mad at her. Apparently there had been some altercation about Sabrina back-talking her. I just had to roll my eyes and tell her that both her and Sabrina needed to apologize to each other and move on.

So when I dropped off Mallie at school this AM, I casually mentioned the conversation to her teacher. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she started laughing. Then, this craziness spewed out of her mouth ... and I am in denial that we are already starting down this path.

You see, the story goes a little something like this ... late last week Mallory and Joshua* decided to get married. Unfortunately we weren't invited to the wedding but Ms. Robbie assures me it happened. They have been sitting next to each other and playing on the playground together ... just two little lovebirds, two peas in a pod. Suddenly, Sabrina* began hanging around Joshua* trying to steal my girl's man. Yeah, you can imagine how that went over ...

So I guess children and adults aren't quite so different when we feel our relationship is being threatened. And I think Mallory told Sabrina* where to stick it.

There's the 3 year old version of How the World Turns.

* Names were not changed to not protect the innocent.

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