Monday, October 06, 2008

Bribery = Bust?

After last week's pity party post about how Mallory wasn't sleeping in her bed we seem to have veered off into a path of unknown territory. Ladies and gentlemen, she has SLEPT in her bed and done so willingly (I'm not tieing her down, really). Of course, it was too good to be true that she'd actually earn the object of bribery in the first week.

But, we are headed in the right direction ... four consecutive nights in her bed ... one night in ours. Two more nights in her bed ... and let's hope we make it to five. Man do I want to give her that darn Hannah Montana microphone/flashlight! Mainly because my hairbrush isn't cutting it anymore. I need something that resembles the real thing so I can break out my inner diva.

Shawn thinks she'll make it this week ... so much so that he went out and bought the next bribe. A Polly Pocket set. He does love his little girl so (either that or he is in love with peaceful sleep).

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky-- I wish I could get Caden to sleep in his bed. He is too young for bribery yet

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