Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holy weather situation

Last night we had some of the famous Tornado Alley thunderstorms. Mallory was beside herself with fear (ummm ... I had a shadow all night). Truett could care less. He was running around like nothing was happening. Even with the tornado sirens going off.

I thought the worst had passed last night, until Mallory crawled into bed with us sometime early this morning. I must have been in deep sleep because she kept telling me it was thundering and lightning when I told her to go back to her bed. Obviously I hadn't heard a thing. Eventually I succumbed and she crawled in bed with us.

But, when the alarm went off @ 6 a.m. the storms were still going strong. So, I decided to hang out at home for a while until they passed. The kids loved it ... a leisurely morning with breakfast at the table instead of in the car. An unusual occurrence in our house.

I dropped the kids off @ 8:30a and then ran into this on the way to work:

I wish I could have caught a pic of all the lightning. I will admit that I was a little freaked out as well! It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to drive 12 miles today. I'm exhausted already and the day hasn't even begun.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am so laughing that we both took car pictures of the rain with out telling each other we did!

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