Monday, June 15, 2009

Galveston overview

Our trip to Galveston was a mixed bag for two reasons:

1. Mallory is in LOVE with the beach and water.
2. Truett ABHORS the beach and water.
I think we all had a pretty good time though, even with the hiccups.

Sunday night we spent in the hotel pool. I wish I had taken a picture of it because it was beautiful. Swim up bar and all. Hotel Galvez is my new favorite place to stay in Galveston (and not just because it has a bar IN the pool). Beautiful rooms ... great location ... but the food was so-so. We had a Gulf View room ... and you can see what we got (below). Would have been better to get a room on the front side of the hotel (rather than the side) but I could live with this since we were only there for two days.

Sunday night we knew we needed to eat because we are a family that does not miss meals. But, we were so tired and didn't feel like paying $40 for a steak in the hotel restaurant or trying to hunt down a good restaurant outside the hotel. Can you say lazy? So we ordered room service. I find this to be absolute decadence. Bacon cheeseburgers all around! There wasn't a table to eat on in our room, but Truett didn't seem to mind.

I was a little worried about the beaches, but it was obvious that sand had been trucked in they were in beautiful shape. On Monday, we rented an umbrella and two chairs and planned to stay there all day.

Truett spent most of his time lounging in the beach chair. When he did get up, he HAD to have his shoes on. Or he screamed. Really loudly. Lucky for us the beach was almost deserted, otherwise there would have been a lot more people who thought we were subjecting our child to abuse. Mallory ran all day long. From the sand to the water. Up and down the beach. She was just in heaven.

So I said earlier we had planned to stay on the beach all day. But ... as always happens, plans change. Truett needed a diaper change around 11:30a so I walked him across the street to take care of the situation. He fell asleep on the bed. Sweet peace! Finally, around 1ish or so he woke up and we decided to get a late lunch/early dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We went there last year when Michele and I went visited Galveston so I knew the food would be good. The unknown was how the kids would react to the "thunderstorms" and animals that move/make noises. Mallory was scared to death of it last year, but did great this time around. Truett held on to my arm for dear life during the thunderstorms! Food was delish ... and we ordered a volcano for dessert.

And that was the end of Galveston. On the way back to Dallas, we stopped at Buc-ees (yes, it's spelled that way) for a pit stop. It's a huge roadside spectacle in Madisonville. I ordered us some lunch and we picked up about $40 worth of junk food. Maybe we went a little overboard in retrospect. Anyway ... they have all kinds of crazy things around this place, including this family of fluffy bears that were out front. Being the dedicated Baylor Bear that I am I needed the kids to take a pic with my kin-folk. True cooperated, Mallory not so much.

And that about wrapped up our trip. A little too fast and not enough beach! Next time I will make sure we are there for three or more days. But, had to get home to take care of Truett's birthday party. That will be coming up in the blog soon ... very soon.

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American Mommy in Mexico said...

It is so interesting to see how kids react to different sensations.

We have obviously spent allot of time on beaches and have definitely noticed various levels of love and not so much.

Funny about Rain Forest Cafe - when our guys were little we had a similar scared of thunderstorms experience!

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