Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I did on vacation

Do you remember writing one of those "what I did on vacation" essays? I don't. But I do think they are a staple of elementary schools everywhere. So, I thought I'd write a little about my Christmas break and pretend that I'm not an adult.

What I Did on Vacation

We stayed at home. We played with our toys. We slept and ate.

LOL ... okay, well, back to real life. Really, we were very busy on our vacation this year. What did we do? Home renovation. Fun, right?! I have always focused my efforts on decorating the house and truly enjoy doing it. And let me tell you, this house NEEDED it. It's taken us two years, but we're finally starting to get somewhere. Our latest victim, I mean room, was the kids' playroom. This room required a little more than decorating ... I think we have moved into a pseduo-renovation mode.

Bye, bye cedar siding. Hello Wedgewood blue. (I can't find my before pictures, darn it!)

Of course, it wasn't easy getting here. Shawn did ALL of the work so he gets all the credit. He took off the cedar, painted the room, put up the track lighting, replaced the outlets and replaced the back door. We hired a friend to tape and bed the sheetrock that was under the cedar.

Then, came my turn. I knew all that old storage stuff just wasn't going to work in my new play room (yes, it technically is mine and not the kids'!). Off to IKEA, several times actually, to get this lovely Expedit shelving unit and baskets. I also picked up a new slipcover for the chair, a rug and some wall lights to go on either side of the TV. We pulled out all of the foam squares from the attic. Now Mallory has her own "gymnastics" mat. I still need some pics for the walls and Shawn still needs to finish the case work, too. All in time though.

Anyway ... a little money and a little time and we have a whole new room. I'm a happy girl. Oh, and the kids like it too.


Michele said...

Looks like a new room! Need to do some vinyl wording above the windows....think about it!

Anonymous said...

I want that shelf unit-- how much was it at Ikea?

Oh I see the sneezy cat in the picture.. hiss hiss

Did you pull up the carpet too? Was that tile already there?

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