Monday, January 19, 2009

Sit still already

On Saturday morning, I packed up myself, Mallory and Truett and headed off into the wild blue yonder where no one from work could ever find me again. Okay, that was my dream. Instead, we headed to East Texas to see some family. We also went to attend my niece's baby shower. I was looking forward to it ... and it didn't disappoint. We had a great time but I was ready to come home. The kids were technically being good but I was exhausted from chasing Truett around at the shower. He must have ran around the house 50 times (really, not exaggerating this!).

Anyway ... one of Mallory's favorite things about East Texas (besides Mimi, Papa, Aunt Chele, Uncle Stoney and Pebbles (my father's dog) -- and I cannot commit to order of preference) is Winnie, my sister's sweet little old man dog. She was playing with him and kept asking me to take a picture. I tried to oblige, but I think we've all heard that many photographers avoid animals and kids. Well, there's a reason folks. Combine the two together and you get this:

So, no more kids and animals mixed photos for me! Just kidding. No more eating lunch while we're trying to take pictures!

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American Mommy in Mexico said...

Give yourself more credit - the pics very cute!

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