Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Genius (again)

If you look back over my blog entries you will find a few entries about how my girl is a genius (here, here, and here). Well, it's true and you will never convince me otherwise. I'm guessing that every parent feels this way about his/her child at some point in their kidlet's childhood. But in our case, it's true. Really.

Here's the most recent evidence:

Okay, figured it out yet?! No? The picture is a little fuzzy so I'll give you a hint. ABCs and a pencil. Still no guess? Come on! Mallory wrote her name. All by herself. She did this Friday night before we went to the grocery store and was bursting at the seams with pride at her accomplishment. Now she's a writing fool. Let's hope that exuberance doesn't spread to the walls ... or furniture ... or Truett.

1 comment:

Michele said...

I'm so proud of her...does she take after her Aunt Chele or Mommy? Let me guess which one you think!! Actually I think it just runs in the Family! She is a pretty smart cookie...

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