Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Addition to the Family

According to Mallory I have another child besides her and Truett. Who knew? Did I miss nine months of being pregnant and the joys of giving birth? I know I've been busy and distracted lately but I'm not sure how I could miss that!

It started a few nights ago when Mallie was taking a bath. She kept telling me that Coco liked to take a bath. I'm thinking, "cuckoo for coco puffs?" After a series of insane questions it turns out that "Coco" is Mallie's new imaginary friend. Where the child came up with the name Coco is beyond me.

Whatever the name, Coco sounds like the type of girl I like to hang out with. Mainly because she works (e.g. makes money) and spends A LOT of time at the store shopping (e.g. spends the money). She's also very into purple, as that is what color she is, and is not worried about her weight or size because apparently she's a dinosaur. Yep ... loving me some Coco. :) She eats her veggies, goes to bed on time without crying ... my new perfect child.

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