Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Amigos (Part 2)

So, last week we headed off to Central Texas for a girls' getaway. The day started off as any other for me - alarm going off at 6a, shower, dress, get the kids wrangled and off to school. But then I headed down to Lynn's house to get the trip going. After a few mins for a bathroom break and a quick weather check we were on our way.

We headed south to Corsicana and then cut across Highway 31 towards Waco. About halfway to Waco the rain started coming down so hard you could hardly see your hand in front of your face. But, we soldiered on determined to make it to our destination.

In Waco, we decided to stop and take a bathroom break and get something to eat. By this time it was around 11ish. This wouldn't have been a problem if a white van wouldn't have decided to park so close to me that we couldn't get back in the car. Yeah, something came out in me (and I'm still not sure what it was) ... and I ran back into the Whataburger yelling "who drives a white van?" Unfortunately, no one fessed up (they may have been afraid of me). So, I had to climb across the passenger seat to get into my car. I would have a taken a picture, but I was sooo mad that I didn't think about it until after we were gone.

After that, the day started looking brighter. The sun came out somewhere around Temple and by the time we made it to Killeen the roads looked dry. We cut across to Lampassas and then headed south to Marble Falls where we stopped and had a late lunch at the Bluebonnet Cafe. It was delicious. After that, we headed through Johnson City and then to Dripping Springs to check in to our B&B (even though she doesn't call it that). The place was NICE. Juniper Hill Farms, ya'll. They even had the cutest donkeys on site. Here are a few shots from the grounds (and one of the outside of our room/apartment).

That evening we decided to head over to Driftwood Winery before we went to dinner. We thought we were going to another winery, but we ended up at this one. At this point in the day, wine was wine. Especially considering it was 5p and all the tastings closed at 6p. I was finally starting to relax.

After my first-ever wine tasting (eh, the thought was nicer than the tasting), we headed back to Johnson City to have dinner at a hole in the wall that served upscale food. Wish I could remember the name of the place (Circle K Cafe ... no, that's a convenience store!). Anyway, Tracy and I split the Blue Cheese Filet. Delish. Lynn had some kind of fried fish (that is not normally fried). I am sad to say that I have no food pics from this trip. Shocking I know. Unfortunately, when we stopped to eat, we found this lovely screw in my tire. Fortunately, the tire didn't leak the entire weekend.

After dinner, we headed back to the B&B to relax. Lynn went to bed early but I was pretty much wide awake. So, I just laid in bed and read a magazine. Yeah ... it sounds pretty boring on paper but it was a fantastic day.

I'll write more about day 2 later.

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Anonymous said...

I still cant believe you went with out me.. I would still be mad if I wasnt leaving for NY in 12 days.. I will be drowning my sorrows in cheesecake

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