Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Eviction notice

I think I've blogged about Truett's biting habit. He doesn't just like to take a bite out of crime, but out of other little boys and girls too. Maybe he's secretly a vampire?! Well, anyway it all came to a head last week. He bit someone on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He was sent home on Tuesday. I argued with the daycare director that it was no punishment to get to spend the day with mommy ... but she thought it was. Does that say something about me?! Anyway ... on Thursday shethe director called to tell me he had broken skin and asked me to remove him from the program. Huh?

So what did I do? Protest. Yes, I pulled out every tool in my book, including tears. But I left the daycare with Truett's eviction being rescinded and a plan of action for how to punish him for biting. Their way of punishment didn't work so we would enact MY way. And guess what ladies and gentlemen ... it's been two days and no biting. Now maybe I am counting my eggs before they have hatched but I am feeling a little redemption here. Mom usually knows best, right?

I am blaming the whole escalated biting issue on the allergy meds I was giving him. I've been reading about how it can change a child's behavior. I shared this tid-bit with the director this afternoon and she told me there was another child in the daycare that has a medically induced behavioral issue. So maybe I'm not crazy after all.

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Anonymous said...

This is fun times-- I forgot about this age period when I decided to have another baby... At least we are in it together!

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