Thursday, March 05, 2009

iPhone my phone

Mallory and Truett love to play with my iPhone. The thing is seriously amazing. Entertainment for the kids (hallelujah for podcasts and videos!) and for me. There have been several occasions where I've had to pry it out of Mallory's hands so I could take a call or send an email. Now, Truett has taken to calling it "mine."

I try to keep the phone put up on the charger so it's not easy for them to pick up and carry around. But this weekend we were at my parent's house ... alas no charger. I saw Truett pick it up and play with it but wasn't too concerned. Until I took it away from him and assessed the damage -- he had deleted all of my text conversations with my sister. Oh well ... it wasn't anything I really needed to keep. I thought that was the extent of his "work." Then I saw the email from my sister. Apparently Truett had sent her an email message:

Sent from my iPhone

I'm not sure who else may have received something along these lines. If you did, consider yourself lucky that you've received one of Truett's very first emails! Not bad for a 21 month old! Now I'm going to have to start telling both Mallie and True that the phone is "mine."

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Michele said...

I feel very special that I was the lucky one who received the very first email Truett sent out!!!

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